Short Film Showcase: May 24, 2017

Short Film Showcase
Wednesday, May 24
In the UpBar
Starts at 7pm, no cover

“Shadow Dance” Laura, overshadowed by her successful boyfriend, goes down a dark, winding road of jealousy and depression.

Indyago Productions specializes in visual storytelling, delivering original content for every client from concept to distribution. The team is made up of recent graduates from William Paterson University with a bachelor degree in Communications with concentrations in media production and media studies.


“Regular”: A young girl’s view of her mundane world broadens when a stranger on the run comes through her family owned isolated gas station.

Jackie Papanier is a Jersey born filmmaker who currently lives in Philadelphia with their partner.


“Stuffed and Dangerous” was the product that came out of Thinking Art’s first endeavor at the 48 Hour Film Project. Tasked with making a short musical or short family film, they chose the “easier” route and went with a family film. Although easy on the surface, it was a big challenge for the team to create something for all ages given how filthy their mouths can be.

The premise: The princess has been kidnapped and held for ransom by a mischievous villain named Dr. Thunderbottom, and there’s only two “people” in the world who can save her.


“Put a Pin in It” Wallaby Wilson, host of Urban Excursions, explores the avid bobby pin user! Tom doesn’t understand his girlfriend’s love of the small hair accessory; isn’t he enough for her?

ThisJes Films hit the ground running in 2016 when founder, Jes Vasquez, wrote and directed three original short films with the help of a talented and dedicated cast and crew. The team likes to focus on relatable comedies. Hobbies include whipping up recipes from the sparse kitchen, like “Kick Back and Jam,” finding new uses for their abundant supply of bobby pins, and binge watching cult favorite TV shows with a bottle of wine!