Seasonal Rotating Soups
Mug $4/ $5
Bowl $6/ $7

Grilled, Sauteed, Plancha or Fried | $5

Sardine | $2
A Sardine bar Classic

Grilled Polenta | $12
Polenta patty, arugula, tomato jam, herbed goat cheese on a Ciabatta

Cubano | $15
Roasted pork loin, ham, swiss, dijonnaise, pickles on a seeded Amoroso roll

Fried Chicken Sandwich | $12

Fried chicken with American cheese, white BBQ sauce served on a sesame Brioche

Korean Short Rib | $12
BBQ short rib, kimchi, mirin pickles on a seeded brioche

Tuna Bagel | $10
Tuna salad with romaine, cucumber, tomato and red onions on an everything bagel

Pretzel Melt | $5
South Philly mini pretzel, County Time ham, American cheese, spicy mustard & a pickle

Vegan Sloppy Joe | $11
Served with tots on a vegan seeded Brioche

Salt + Pepper Fries | $5
w/ Dill Pickle dip

Beer Battered Onion Rings | $7
w/ Secret Sauce

Spicy Chili Wings | $9
Whole wings with Chef Doreen’s chili oil sauce and toasted peanuts

Grilled Green Beans | $6
served with chili flake oil

Side Salad | $5
w/Oil + Vinegar or Spicy Ranch

Spicy Vegan Pub Cheese | $4
House vegan cheese, horseradish, mustard, chive, cayenne and crispy pretzel pieces

Burmese Green Tea Salad | $12
Fermented tea dressing on romaine with jalapenos and lemon slices. *contains peanuts

Harissa Glazed Carrots | $6

Whole Pickle | $2.00

Pickled Egg | $1

Apple Pie Biscuit | $6

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Brunch is served every Saturday & Sunday, 11am-3pm
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