ASB Fried Chicken PopUp
Wednesday April 1st, 3-9pm

Sandwich Platters
Fried Chicken Sandwich Platter $16
Buttermilk brined fried chicken, American cheese, Alabama white BBQ sauce, romaine lettuce, and bread & butter pickles on sesame brioche bun. Served with salt & pepper fries, dill pickle dip, and a pickle spear.

Vegan Fried Chicken Sandwich Platter $16
Seitan brined with vegan buttermilk & fried, with comeback sauce, romaine lettuce, and bread & butter pickles on vegan sesame brioche bun. Served with salt & pepper fries, comeback sauce, and a pickle spear. | vegan

Add Ons
House Pickled Vegetables $5
Vegetable medley pickled in house. | vegan

Deviled Pickled Egg 6 pack $10
6 pieces pickled egg halves with deviled yolk. | vegetarian

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Closed for now. Go wash your hands.

Please consider supporting your beloved bartenders & servers & barbacks!

From the staff: We at American Sardine Bar were devastated to have to close our doors to the community we love and appreciate so much. Unfortunately, this closure means our entire staff is out of work until further notice.

Many of us at ASB rely solely on the tips we receive by pouring you a beer, or bringing you your favorite sandwich and onion rings. Since the future is uncertain, we ask, if you are able to, to make a donation so our staff might find some financial relief in all of this. Your donation will directly support all tipped staff, with a donation made to our back-of-the-house employees who are also experiencing financial instability in these difficult times.

We care about our customers so much, and are incredibly grateful for all the support we’ve received from you so far. Thank you so much for being there for us. We can’t wait to drink a beer and a shot with you when this is all over.

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