Wednesday, January 15th
Drinks and Dragons
7:00 – 11:00pm | UpBar

This is a first come first serve RPG open gaming night. If you have never played before, come on out, If you haven’t played in years, come on out, If you play once in a while, come on out. We have a number of tables for use in any RPG tabletop game. An easy drop in drop out formula to our gaming means that you can come to play once every few months, or as time allows. No long-term commitment needed, but your own dice and a pencil are a plus (I am sure someone can get you dice). Every table is likely to have at least one or two players that know the game mechanics well enough to aid in character creation along with how to use your character. So if you find that you have the time to come out and join us as a player or a DM/GM, we would be pleased to have you. So dust off your imaginations, and come out to play. Thanks and happy gaming.

Thursday, January 16th
Uncanned: Improv and Stand-Up Comedy
8:30 – 10:00pm | UpBar

Every 3rd Thursday in the UpBar, Scott Campbell and the Scary Motherfuckers are bringing you some of Philly’s funniest improv teams and stand-up comedians… for free.

Thursday, January 30th
5th Annual California Dreamin’
4:00 – 10:00pm

Thursday, January 30th at American Sardine Bar- California Dreamin’ features 10 different drafts from the Golden State and a one day only West Coast menu from Chef Doreen DeMarco.

California Dreamin’ is back when we need it most! Beat the winter doldrums & get into a sunnier, more beatific state of mind with over 10 different drafts from the Golden State.

We’re super excited for Chef Doreen’s take on some iconic California dishes- Animal Style Burgers, Animal Style Fries, California Burritos, Vegan Fish Tacos & more. We hope you’ll be able to come join us Jan 31st on our fourth annual mental excursion to the West.